Perimeters of accompaniment

The accompaniment is articulated regarding the combination of several phases and different scopes.


  • Foreseen Subject assessment
  • Conception
  • Solution
  • Realization
  • As-built evaluation

The simple fact of identifying the phases allows to validate each phase before going further in the sequence.

The whole sequence is what has to be repeated in cycles, in terms of Enterprise continuous change.

The Architect covers the whole sequence and can provide accompaniment to each individual phase.

Phases of accompaniment


Overall scope

Enterprise Content
  • Business model
  • Operating model
  • Organization chart
> > Enterprise-wide
Enterprise Dynamics
  • Top-down
  • Transversal
  • Bottom-up
> > Governance

Oriented scope

  • Activities
  • Informations
  • Resources
  • Applications
> > Enterprise-breadth
  • Statement
  • Impacts
  • Assessment
  • Content
> > Inner Branching